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Kelloggs trivial pursuit toaster pastries

Manufacturers have found a new way to entertain consumers and their children while they are enjoying a snack, in 2004, Procter & Gamble introduced under the Pringles brand, potato crisps/chips printed with a game or trivia on it and now, in the USA, Kellogg USA released Trivial Pursuit Packaging under the Pop Tarts brand, as part a one-year promotion beginning this month. Printed Fun Pop-Tarts uses a new ink-jet technology to incorporate characters, questions and answers on the frosting of the toaster pastries. Pop-Tarts available in 12-count strawberry boxes will feature 1 of more than 200 questions and answers from the Trivial Pursuit for Kids board game. Boxes will feature brainteasers and accompanying graphics, promising to give many moments of fun and offering a different example of seasonal promotion addressed to kids.

Source: gnpd.comAdded: 9 February 2007