Beauty engineered for ever

Award-winning packaging, BEE environmentally friendly cleaning products are soliciting smiles from supermarket shoppers around the country. "Let me do your dishes" and "I care about you baby" are some of the statements on BEE's talking bottles injecting a sparkle into the eco-products market. And that's exactly what the general manager of the young Auckland business, Brigid Hardy, wanted. How can green cleaning products not be irresistible when they talk right to you and with such gorgeously provocative lines? She counts herself among the many who may have perceived environmentally friendly products as low-performers and a bit drab in the past. Since entering the market a year ago, it has been her goal to turn that around by making eco products sexy and cool. BEE's dishwashing liquid, multi-surface cleaner, delicate fabric wash and whitener are the only products on the local market with Environmental Choice certification.That's the toughest global eco-standard and it's endorsed by the New Zealand Government, says Hardy. In this country's highly competitive $300 million cleaning product market, Hardy knew no one would buy the range unless they were nicer to use in every way. She drew from an extensive range of experts including chemists, formulators, dermatologists and a French perfumer to create products that were gentle on the skin and the environment.

Source: beautyengineeredforever.comAdded: 20 February 2007