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A unique new type of Chalkless Board from Pilot specially designed for the education, health and cleanroom industries. The CleanWriter panel contains micro magnetic particles that are controlled by a magnetic stylus and eraser allowing you to write and erase like a conventional marker board but without the dust or dirt.This product uses magnetic styli, no need for whiteboard markers, cleaning fluid, tissues or chalk.No dust is generated by erasure as the system uses magnetic technology.Completely clean usage, with no accidental erasure by hands/cloth.Can be used as a whiteboard or chalkboard.Environmentally friendly - produced from recycled materials.Antibacterially coated reduces germ transmission.Ideal for communication in classrooms, hospitals and laboratories.The stylus pens can be used indefinitely. No need to purchase conventional sundries.

Source: pilotpen.co.ukAdded: 22 February 2007