Paint your own projection screen

I'm not a fan of using video projectors as big screen TVs and one of the biggest issues I have is the screens themselves which can be a pain to mount and maintain and usually just end up looking like crap. But if you happen to have a big empty wall in your living room a company called Vogel's sells a do-it-yourself paint-on projection screen kit.Cleverly named Mighty Brighty, the kit basically comes with a set of paints that makes creating the perfect projection screen pretty simple. Just measure out your required dimensions on the wall (16:9 or 4:3) and then paint on a light gray base coat followed by a highly reflective top coat and you're done. In theory you don't even have to wait for it to dry before you start using it. The top coat can even be customized to your room's lighting conditions by adding more or less of an included gray tint before painting it on and in the end you're left with a screen that's guaranteed to always be flat and smooth (unless your home has severe foundation issues.)

Source: vogels.comAdded: 26 February 2007