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The VirtuSphere platform consists of a large hollow sphere that sits on top of a base and allows the sphere to rotate 360 degrees. Wearing a wireless, head-mounted display, users can step inside the sphere to fully interact in immersive virtual environments. The VirtuSphere enables 6 degrees of freedom where one can move in any direction; walk, jump, roll, crawl, run over virtually unlimited distances without encountering real-world physical obstacles.VirtuSphere systems are made to client specifications and typically include an easy-to-assemble sphere, a base platform that enables it to rotate, a head-mounted display, 3D sensors, sphere rotation trackers, a computer, device drivers and 3D software applications.The VirtuSphere is a result of over 45 man-years invested into research and product development. "The HIT Lab has been looking at omni-directional interfaces for some time, and we are convinced that VirtuSphere has developed the most elegant and effective solution for navigating within virtual environments," said Dr. Suzanne Weghorst, senior research scientist and assistant director of research at the University of Washington's Human Interface Technology Lab.

Source: virtusphere.comAdded: 27 February 2007