Fire Knock-Out

The Fire Knock-Out system is rather special, as it automatically launches itself upon contactwith fire and then extinguishes the fire within just a few seconds. The plastic container is filledwith a special fire-fighting liquid and triggering powder, to which a fast fuse is attached.As soon as the fuse comes into contact with fire, the container bursts open. As a result, for abrief moment in time, all the surrounding oxygen is depleted, causing the fire to immediatelydie out. The liquid in the extinguisher, which is transformed into tiny water droplets, coolsdown the seat of the fire, while the buffer compounds added reduce the chance of the firegetting started again to an absolute minimum.This whole process lasts only a few seconds, and the plastic debris remaining behind caneasily be collected and completely recycled.Getting close to the seat of a fire is often impossible due to the enormous heat and usuallynot smart anyway, as goods which are hidden by quickly developing smoke clouds may suddenly explode. The low weight of the Fire Knock-Out also allows one, when necessary, to roll the product from a safe distance quickly and effectively into the seat of the fire. The quick fuse used has a plastic outer layer and is therefore water resistant. In addition to its own unique and specific properties, the product can also be used very effectively in conjunction with more traditional fire-fighting equipment.

Source: fireknockout.comAdded: 27 February 2007