Tixotropic textile

The fabric is made from tixotropic yarn. Under normal conditions, the crosslinking bonds of the fabric's dilatant silicone coating open and re-form easily, keeping the material soft and flexible. However, under sudden impact, these bonds are unable to open. The material resists the force and instantly becomes rigid. This effect only lasts for the duration of the impacting force. After the force has been dissipated through the dilatant/fabric construction, the silicone immediately becomes soft and flexible again.Dow corning uses spacer yarns to create a three-dimensional structure designed for optimal absorption of the impacting force. The fabric's surface coating and spacer yarns in the immediate impact area instantly become rigid and transmit energy to adjacent spacer yarns, thus absorbing and distributing energy away from the impact site. This innovative micro-engineering provides maximum protection, yet leaves the System lightweight, flexible and completely breathable.

Source: activeprotectionsystem.comAdded: 28 February 2007