Automatic bicycle gear

Trek Lime, a new family of stylish comfort bikes designed specifically for the non-cyclist, or the 65% of Americans who currently don't own or ride a bike. The Trek Lime bikes feature Shimano's all-new Coasting group, which includes a host of bike components with a pretty revolutionary design and functionality. We were very impressed with the Coasting group's automatic shifting feature. When you go faster, the bike upshifts smoothly to the next two gears. When you slow down the bike automatically downshifts, very much like the automatic shifting of your car. After taking the Lime for a spin, Bike Gallery owner Jay Graves was one and all excitement: "The bike is really fun to ride and will be super easy for novice riders to use! Through Shimano's marketing support we should be able to expose a lot of new potential cyclists to this new technology and that's terrific! More healthy people having fun using bikes! More bikes means more power to advocate for more and safer bike infrastructure. This has tons of potential..."

Source: coasting.comAdded: 13 March 2007