A cabin for two

One of them is A Cabin for Two, part of the graduation project of Lara van der Veen at the TU Delft: The mobile, stackable sleeping units are designed to provide people with a minimal, yet comfortable place to stay overnight. The cabin is shaped as an L: there'a vertical area where on can stand up to change clothes and store belongings, while the horizontal space fits the bed. The cabin can also be used upside down and placed on top of another cabin. By stacking as much units as needed and combining them with bathroom facilities, a hotel can be set up at any place, for any period of time. Such fast, minimal sleeping unit would make perfect sense at festivals or sport events, especially when organised in countries where it rains even during the summer. On a parking lot, in the park or inside empty buildings.

Source: laravanderveen.comAdded: 16 March 2007