Novint Falcon

The award-winning Novint Falcon is the first controller that makes high-fidelity interactive three dimensional touch possible and practical for consumer computing applications. Being introduced initially as a PC game controller, the Falcon is, in essence, a small robot which lets users feel weight, shape, texture, dimension, dynamics and force effects when playing enabled games. Using the Falcon, players experience a full range of realistic touch sensations that allow them to control a game more naturally and intuitively. Instead of using mouse clicks and meters, players feel the weight of a basketball as they shoot it towards a hoop -- the momentum and impact as they swing a virtual golf club and strike a ball -- the recoil of a weapon -- and the characteristics of virtual objects and environments. The Novint Falcon is also the only consumer game controller that provides players with both three dimensional input and high-fidelity force feedback.

Source: novint.comAdded: 27 March 2007