Magnetic particles act as ink in new printer

First printer based on the laser-pushing of colloids. In image(a), the letter L was printed using the chemical coating method. In image(b), the line was printed using the magnetic pattern method. By using a laser beam to focus and push particles against a substrate, scientist Lars Helseth of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore has designed and built a unique type of colloidal printer. Taking advantage of the electrical and paramagnetic properties of tiny beads, Helseth's printer provides a new printing method that may have applications in printing chemical and biological patterns.In the setup, based on a combination of optical forces and paramagnetic beads, a green focused optical laser beam with a wavelength of 532 nm transports paramagnetic polystyrene beads (or colloids) from a reservoir to a functionalized glass substrate.

Source: physorg.comAdded: 29 March 2007