"Flat" optical fibre

A groundbreaking form of 'flat' optical fibre has been developed and patented by Southampton University. It promises to be far more flexible and efficient than existing integrated opto-electronic systems, which couple rigid, glass-based substrates with lengths of optical fibre.Although these are advanced, they are rather limited, according to Dr Corin Gawith, the project's leader from the university's Optoelectronics Research Centre.Gawith's team has filed a patent for the development of a new form of optical fibre that etches the electronic circuits into the fibre itself. Whereas conventional optical fibre is only a few hundred microns across and moves light from one place to another, the team aims to develop a fibre that combines the flexibility of fibre with the functionality of an integrated optical chip.

Source: theengineer.co.ukAdded: 4 April 2007