Digital house

The Digital House brings high-tech building methods to a broad housing market, providing a high quality, well designed and more sustainable alternative to traditional housing. Just how does it work, you ask? The structure is produced using a detailed 3D computer model that includes specs for every single construction element, from entire walls to tiny screw holes. This information is then transfered to a CNC machine (Computer Numerical Control), which cuts the components from engineered timber. The components are then packed and shipped, ready to be assembled into a house of your very own. For some of the larger components, the pre-cut timber sheets are assembled into lightweight hollow cassettes , which can be filled with recycled newspaper for insulation and air tightness. Because the CNC and computer modeling technology allows for detailed customization down to the individual parts, the possibilities for house customization are virtually endless, even more so than the standard pick-and-choose kit-of-parts model we see in prefab construction quite frequently.

Source: inhabitat.comAdded: 5 April 2007