Centerfold folding guitar

Airline pilot Fredrik Johansson is also a guitarist, and got sick and tired of shoehorning his axe onto planes. That's why the resourceful Swede invented a folding guitar, and after putting together a staff of woodworkers, geeks, musicians and luthiers, he's finally brought his creation to market. The result is the DeVillain Guitar Company, and its first product, Centerfold, is a fold-up electric guitar made of Honduras mahogany that fits into a backpack that you can take just about anywhere. As you collapse the guitar neck using its folding mechanism made of aircraft-grade aluminum, the strings roll up into the guitar. Then when it's time to lay down a few tunes at your destination, this baby goes from backpack to unfolded guitar in 20 seconds. Of course, you'll probably have to spend a minute or two tuning it up every time, but you'll be doing that anyway.

Source: fredzon.comAdded: 11 April 2007