Dandella is a hand-held GPS tracking device designed to help and guide the lost by always physically pointing towards the destination. Dandella is designed by designers Tan Yong Kai and Priscilla Lui Sik Peng from the Design Incubation Centre (DIS) at the National University of Singapore (NUS). The design is inspired by how young sunflowers always point towards the sun, and Dandella simplifies the complex interface of current GPS devices to a design based upon the notion of "follow where it points". By combining existing GPS technology and robotic technology, Dandellas can be programmed to track each other making the buds point towards one another. The intuitive design allows users to easily find each other by following the direction shown by the bud, thus making Dandella suitable for people of different ages - even young kids.

Source: digitalexperience.dkAdded: 19 April 2007