Automated strip grazing system

We wouldn't normally think that cattle farming would be the easiest, cleanest profession out there, but considering the wireless tracking gizmos, robotic milkers, and RFID tattoos that are now available, we're startin' to think these guys / gals have it made.

Farmers can now look forward to one more robotic innovation making things better, as Lely's automated strip grazing system, dubbed Voyager, "utilizes two robots to move an electrified fence-line at a pace that ensures that the sward is completely grazed."

The "frontal grazing" approach purportedly maximizes grass utilization and keeps ungrazed areas from being "contaminated by manure," and moreover, the machines are solar-powered, automatically keeps the wire taught at all times, and communicates with one another via Bluetooth.

Source: 11 May 2007