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Hydrogen fuel cell toy

For those who haven't the H-Racer is basically a motorized toy car powered only by hydrogen. And since most kids probably don't have tanks of hydrogen gas lying around there's also a solar-powered electrolyzer available that creates hydrogen from water and can be used refill the H-Racer.

No batteries or extension cords are ever needed here. The whole idea of course is to get kids interested and used to hydrogen as an alternative fuel source in hopes they'll grow up to be adults who also promote the clean fuel alternative. Perhaps a toy that gets kids interested in getting off their duff and actually walking somewhere wouldn't hurt as well.

The H-Racer is available on the Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies website for $40. The hydrogen fuel station is available as an add-on for an additional $40.

Source: horizonfuelcell.comAdded: 14 May 2007

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