When a new born arrives at home, it's a real event. Parents want to do their best and get prepared to live all together. As far as furniture for babies is concerned, there isn't any offer on the market for modern interiors and few alternatives to beds with bars. BaByBed can be the solution: A contemporary design without bars.

A bed modularity adapted to babies €™growing from the first day at home to the age of 3 or 4. To start with, the bed must be at a high position to allow parents to have a good body position and a good handling when they take baby out of bed. The feet of the bed must be high and the lateral plexiglass small. The lateral opening is made to choose the best sleeping position if baby prefers to have a look outside or to find some calm.

When baby grows up, parents can low the bed down thanks to shorter legs and protect baby from falling with higher lateral plexiglass. When baby becomes tall enough, parents can remove lateral plexiglasses to allow him to climb in and out of the bed by himself - the beginning of freedom! In order to help baby dicovering new exciting sights, little colored plexiglasses at each end of the bed help him to see the world through rose-tinted spectacle.

Source: User submissionAdded: 21 May 2007