Topografi seating system

What do you get if you cross breed waves, hills and seating for public spaces? A: Topografi.This flexible seating system uses three sections: Straight,Exchange and End. These elements can be combined in any way and anylength required for the selected space. It€™ rises up from any surface,making it a part of any environment.

By using different materials it can stand the test of time indoor and outdoor. The appearance is a crucial part of the total product. The stronggraphical impact of the design draws people attention and makes themwant to test the bench. It makes a solid statement in any environment,especially when placed on a lawn where the grass grows into the designand the Topografi (Swedish for topography) merge into the shapes ofnature. The painted MDF version allows interior designers andarchitects to choose any color of the Topografi to optimally integrateits appearance into their project.

Source: lyx.comAdded: 25 May 2007