Neox nano-technology paper coating

For thefirst time TopChim's patented nano-hybrid technology, NanoTope is beingused in paper production surface treatment. This new technology createsa smooth, homogenous, nano-structured paper surface. This makes MondiBusiness Paper's neox uniquely versatile: it unites the gloss andsmooth surface feel of a coated paper with the high whiteness andstiffness expected of a quality uncoated paper.
"By utilisingnano-hybrid technology, developed by TopChim nv, we have achieved abreakthrough in production of pigments on nano-scale for coatings toproduce colour laser printing paper. It is a paper more versatile thananything on the market to date," explained Günther Hassler, CEO ofMondi Business Paper. "We have succeeded in combining the advantages ofcoated and uncoated paper in one sheet. neox is like nothing the paperworld has seen before."

Source: topchim.comAdded: 25 May 2007