Dynamic architecture allows skyscrapers to rotate around their axis

Rotating skyscraper

Welcome to a new and innovative architecture perspective.
It's called Dynamic Architecture. Isn't life about dynamics as well?
Our buildings keep moving, forever changing their shape to better fit your imagination.
And to better fit nature as well. Our buildings follow the sun and move to the wind. So it's nature itself that gives them a full energy supply.
In return, we pay nature more respect, building our towers with a ready-made technology for a more efficient and environment friendly implementation.
Our architecture rotates 360° for a wider vision of the world, of nature, of the future, of life.

The Dynamic Architecture building, which will be constantly in motion changing its shape, will be able to generate electric energy for itsel fas well as for other buildings. Forty-eight wind turbines fitted between each rotating floors as well as the solar panels positioned on the roof of the building will produce energy from wind and the sunlight, with no risk of pollution. The total energy produced by this in built "powerhouse" every year will be worth approximately seven million dollars.

Source: dynamicarchitecture.netAdded: 31 May 2007