Disposable microwave espresso system

From what I've been told making a proper espresso takes time, the right beans and of course the proper hardware.JavaVoo however has developed a microwaveable alternative that cansupposedly make an espresso or latte in only 2 minutes. The Micro-BrewPersonal Barista comes in a cup sized package that actually pressurebrews the drink while in the microwave.

The website is a bit vague on how it works save for a few graphicsbut from what I can tell you first remove a sealed tab on top of thecup which then allows you to remove a smaller, already filled waterbottle. The water bottle is then inverted and placed on top of the cupwhere it locks into place with a tight seal. This is then placed in themicrowave for 2 minutes and as the water boils and pressure increasesit is forced through the coffee grounds into the now empty cup. Whenthe 2 minutes are up just remove and discard the now empty water bottleand your beverage is ready. The packaging even includes cream and sugarmaking it completely self-contained except of course for the microwavepart.

Source: javavoo.comAdded: 6 June 2007