Aggressor hybrid military vehicle

The diesel-electrichybrid hype has met its match: the U.S. Army. After focusing onhydrogen fuel cells in its original version of "The Aggressor", ahigh-performance, off-road Alternative Mobility Vehicle (AMV) formilitary ground exploration and scouting missions, the Pentagon is nowgoing the way of Detroit, €”with batteries.

Thenew, second-generation prototype will still utilize the same basicchassis and exterior design for light-duty capacity. But the Army'sauto research arm, part of the Tank Automotive Research, Development andEngineering Center (TARDEC) has developed a battery-dominant,hybrid-electric drivetrain with a diesel engine-generator. That couldmake the new Aggressor the first hybrid to hit the streets of Baghdad en masse.

Source: popularmechanics.comAdded: 25 June 2007