Self-heating rice packaging

Instant noodles have been around long enough that we take their2-minute preparation time for granted. Now Japan brings us Hotto! Raisu- specially packed rice that can be served up as a piping hot meal,just by pouring water over the packaging. No cooking required!

The rice is packed by being subjected to 4,000 times the normalatmospheric pressure and thus retains its moisture. The rice packetcontains an exothermic agent which is activated when water is pouredover it, taking about 15 minutes to heat the packet's contents to anappetizing temperature.

As the product's developers point out, Hotto! Raisu could be used inareas that have been hit by natural disasters, where electricity andclean or boiling water may not be available to prepare food. I'mthinking it'd be great if they came up with a commercial version too -one more tasty "instant meal" that I could stock up on for nights whenI don't have the time or energy to cook. After all, it's real rice, notprocessed flour as is the case with instant noodles

Source: popgadget.netAdded: 9 July 2007