Colour changing shoes

The idea is to integrate a Cholesteric display into a shoe to changethe design on demand. One way to do so is for example via a mobilephones Bluetooth function. It’s like changing the wallpaper on thephone only that sending the wallpaper design to the shoe. Someone showsup to the party with them same style? No problem, search via yourmobile phone for another style, hit the send button and you have yourunique style.

This principle can be applied for other clothing items as well. TheCholesteric Display technology needs only power during the change ofthe pattern / image. Once changed it stays like this for every, that isuntil you changes it again. No power consumption at all. Only a smallbattery can so last for a very long time.

The molecules inside the display have two stable orientations. Inone, they are twisted and so reflect a particular wavelength of light,for example blue. When a electrical charge is applied on certain aresof the display, the molecules untwist and let the light through,meaning the background, for example white, is visible.

Source: inventables.comAdded: 13 August 2007