Fata Paper

"Fata" Paper (professional cooking foil) allows you to cook in aclear bag so all the flavors and juices remain together. Bring to thetable and serve with the aroma (and drama) when the bag is opened.

  • Withstands cooking temperatures up to 425 F (230 C)
  • Cook on hot surface, in water bath, hot oil, in the microwave, or the oven... almost anywhere except in contact with flame.
  • Approved for food use and cooking by both European and U.S. health authorities
  • One 10 foot roll, cut into 15 inch sections makes 8 portions.

Add your ingredients including liquids. Gather and tie with string,ribbon or twist tie. Start cooking. Temperature can be checked byinserting probe thermometer through the gathered top.

Source: foodguru.comAdded: 30 August 2007