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Running air conditioners using dry air

Chinese scientists at Tsinghua University have discovered a new source of energy - dry air.
Researchers say the finding could have positive implications for parts of northern and western China, which have dry climatic conditions.

"The breakthrough makes it possible to use dry air, instead of electricity, to cool down the water and the indoor air. It could be applied at least power large-scale air-conditioning equipment in office buildings," said Jiang Yi, director of the university's architecture science department, who led the research project.

Yi said the premise for using dry air is based on a simple principle: dry air absorbs moisture, and in doing so causes the air temperature to drop. He said he was confident the energy could be widely applied, adding that his team at Tsinghua is now cooperating with a company in Xinjiang to produce air-powered air-conditioning equipment.

Source: zeenews.comAdded: 17 September 2007

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