ESPACE PUR, anti-dust & ionizer "screen"

Espace Pur is an air ionizer that uses dust as pixels and that displayspatterns thanks to it, in a very slow motion way. It cleans andpurifies the air in architectural spaces. It increases the level ofoxygen's negative ions contained in the ambient air. Once installed,the air's oxygenation becomes nearly the same as in the mountains. Themore there are negative ions, the more the air is purified.
As a matter of fact, excessive dust is dangerous for health.Nevertheless, no dust at all decreases our immunity. That's why thesystem is regulated by the saturation of dust. Once filled with dust,the display is deactivated, and dust can be cleaned on the floor.
The installation of the "anti-dust screen" can take place in flats,hospitals, offices, and everywhere where air needs to be cleaned.
The aim of the project is therefore to capture dust and organize it onwall panels in order to build pictures that will gently appear on thewall. The panels are displaying compositions of weed that are on theone hand harmful plants but on the second hand have beneficial aspecton the health.

Source: sketchblog.ecal.chAdded: 27 September 2007