Jumping stilts which act as an extension of your own leg, giving you the incredible ability to jump, leap and run

Powerizers Jumping Stilts

Are you bored with your current fitness regime and fancy something abit different? Then maybe it's time to 'jump' on board the latestextreme sport bandwagon and get yourself a pair of Powerizers. Thesefantastic jumping stilts act as an extension of your own leg, givingyou the incredible ability to jump, leap and run in extreme style!

Imaginejumping six feet in the air barely even breaking a sweat or running atspeeds of over 20 miles an hour, a claim to fame even an Olympicathlete can't make! The secret behind these incredible fun fitnessgadgets is the curved springs, which are attached to the base. When youpush your feet down, your weight creates gravitational energy. Thesuper-charged springs then push back, harnessing this energy and givingyou the power to run, leap and bound, reaching tremendous height andspeed!

However,you don't have to be super-fit or an extreme sports fanatic to make themost of the Powerizer Jumping Stilts. Simply enjoying a brisk walk inthese is enough to give you a fantastic cardiovascular workout,combined with weight training and core stability exercises. And it's alot more fun than the gym!

Source: powerizeronline.comAdded: 11 October 2007

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