Theluminaire with its high-grade finishing was designed by Peter Buningfor lighting specialist Absolut Lighting. It uses a light filter toproject decorative shadows onto the walls or ceiling but delivers lightthat is still strong enough to illuminate a room.

Thanks to itsintelligent structure, there are no patches of dazzle or distortion.The projection surface is about 3 m in diameter. There are sevendifferent motifs available to choose from. The luminaire itself is 20cm in diameter and is made of steel and glass, and uses a low-pressure75W halogen lamp.

The luminaire was one of the winners at thisyear's European Innovation Competition for Lighting Design, "nachlux"2007. The jury commented in making the award that "the theatrical tonegiven everyday life is making great progress and increasingly light isused to set the stage. Often, all that is achieved is a cheap effect,but with this luminaire the result is very refined: transparent, togreat effect, very variable and usable in countless settings. Anensemble of these luminaires can create impressive largescale imageprojections. Simply - light as the medium of neo-analog virtuality."

Source: absolut-lighting.deAdded: 5 November 2007

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