Sony Scented Cellphones

Officially known by their model name: DoCoMo SO703i (NTT DoCoMo is a major Japanese phone service provider), these phones excel in a number of ways besides the somewhat gimmicky scents.

Standard features for these and most other late-model Japanese cellphones include GPS,TV and music player functions. The cases come in your choice of 9 quiteattractive colors and patterns including Romantic Gold, Exotic,Twilight, Flow and Gorgeous.

Of course, the outstanding feature of the DoCoMo SO703i is its smell. Again, one has a variety of choices (11, in fact) to select from including "Apple Pie"... yummy! The scents are released from a replaceable strip located near the central hinge.

Though guaranteed to work for 3 months, it seems the fragrancecontinues to be released for a lot longer than that. And then? Simplyreplace the old scent strip with a new one, perhaps a different aromaif smelling Apple Pie every time you make or take a call is leading to a weight gain.

Source: 14 November 2007