Kit Kat jar

Kit Kat's are a real phenomenon in Japan, with new flavors and packaging styles coming out constantly.

Nestle was having great success with their canned and bottled drinkssold out of the over 2.7 million drinks vending machines scatteredacross Japan, so they were well aware that vending machines were avaluable component in their drinks marketing plan.

The answer was stunning in its simplicity - instead of creating a new network of dedicated candy bar vending machines, change the product to utilize the current 2.7 million machines already out on the streets of Japan!

And that's exactly what they did. The "Kit Kat Jar" is designedto be sold from beverage vending machines. Inside the soda-can sized& shaped jar are 4 individually wrapped Kit Kat bars.

Source: inventorspot.comAdded: 16 November 2007