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Fog Shower

With water shortages on the rise globally, and concerns over energy userising every day, a shower that bathes you in a fog of microscopicdroplets could be part of the solution. Brazilian design student JoaoDiego Schimansky's Fog Shower is one of eight finalists in the 2007Electrolux Design Lab competition. Reducing the amount of water usedwhile showering saves water as well as the energy required to heat it.Typical water saving showerheads reduce flow and increase aeration, butthe Fog Shower takes this to an entirely new level, bathing you in adirected fog of heated water vapor. Although only a concept now, theFog Shower, if produced, would use less than a twelfth of the waterused by today's most efficient showerheads.

Source: electrolux.comAdded: 4 December 2007