New helmet allows fighter pilots to peer through the jet

This new helmet designed to give fighter pilots a better look at theirsurroundings. Within the tinted faceplate are two projectors which syncup with plane-mounted cameras and display images from the outside forthe pilot to view. Essentially, this enables the operator to viewhigh-resolution images (yes, even at night) of areas previouslyimperceptible without a warplane constructed entirely of plexiglass,and onboard sensors make sure that the imagery reflects exactly wherethe pilot is looking at any given moment. Furthermore, computerizedsystems can even feed in "essential flight and combat data on to thedisplay," as well as target symbols of friendlies / enemies. The newvisual system is apparently just one amenity on the oh-so-sophisticatedJoint Strike Fighter, which the British are planning to pay £66 million($139 million) apiece for after it hits the production line.

Source: switched.comAdded: 17 December 2007