3Ms Smart braces

3M Unitek Corp's new Clarity SL (self-ligating) bracesare made from a translucent ceramic material and designed for a clear,less frightening presentation.

Unlike traditional braces, self-ligating braces such as Clarity SL andSmartClip&tarde; brands from 3M Unitek do not need elastic bands(ligatures) to attach the wire to the brackets. Ligatures can slow downthe teeth-moving process by causing friction or resistance, much likedriving a car with the emergency brake on. Eliminating elastics reducesfriction and can help the braces work more efficiently.

With the introduction of Clarity SL braces, consumers do not haveto choose between clear and self-ligating braces. They can get both inone system.

Source: 3mbraces.comAdded: 17 December 2007