Beluga SkySails

Of all known concepts for effective and sustainable alternativepropulsion of merchant vessels, SkySails represents the only suitablemodel: no bothersome masts on deck, no restriction of stowage space, nohindrances to loading and discharging, no risk to the crew, cargo orship as well as reliable overall performance. Utilisation of windenergy by means of the towing kite makes it possible to provide reliefto the main engine - 10 to 15 percent less bunker consumption isexpected in the initial phase of operation. The MV "Beluga SkySails" isequipped with a kite measuring 160 square metres. Later, when the sailis scaled up to 320 square metres in the course of the coming year inorder to increase efficiency on the high seas, potential savings of 20to 30 percent are definitely feasible and realistic. Beluga ShippingGmbH initially reckons with a reduction in the existing bunker costsfor the vessels diesel fuel within a low four-digit US dollar range perday of operation of the towing kite system.

Source: beluga-group.comAdded: 31 January 2008