Flying rug for civil and military use

Russian aircraft designer and inventor, Alexander Begak, created aunique aircraft which he named as Evolution. The aircraft is capable oftraveling on land, water and air.

This is a universal kind of transportation. It can fly at the height of4,000 meters above the ground and cover the distance of up to 400kilometers without additional refueling. "Its 30 horse-power motorallows to develop the speed of 160 km/h in the air and 80 km/h on land.An on-board computer controls pilot's actions", Alexander Begak toldITAR-TASS.

Unlike heavy aircraft of modern-day aviation, Evolution is easy totransport. It is made of ultra-light coal-plastic and kevlar fibers.The total weight of the aircraft makes up only 60 kilos. The fragile asit may seem construction of the aircraft is protected with the hullmade of ultra-strong materials.

Source: english.pravda.ruAdded: 6 February 2008