Transparent lamp

This is an innovative lamp. It constructs like a sandwich, all the LEDis located in the middle of the laminated glass made from PVB. Thanksto the transparent conductive layer, there's no visible wiring.

SCHOTT's patented LightPoints' LED glass system features light-emittingdiodes (LEDs) wirelessly encapsulated inside laminated glass.Electricity flows throw a pre-structured clear conductive coating,eliminating the need for visible wiring. LED glass requires virtuallyno maintenance; in fact, LightPoints' LED Glass can last decadeswithout being replaced.

LightPoints' LED glass is the unique way to add an upscale, dramaticlook to locations such as airports, hotels and office buildings. Thelimitless list of applications includes skylights, glass handrails, litbuilding facades, elevator ceilings and advertising signs.

Source: us.schott.comAdded: 3 March 2008

Tags: lighting