Wearable Cosmetics

You Are What you Wear Twenty four hours in one day. We spend most of that time in clothing. There is nothing like clothing which has a closer relationship with the natural skin.Because it is so close to the skin, it is possible to actively work for the natural skin. Could there be a way to utilize the merit clothing has for health and beauty, which is lately becoming a high concern?From these inspirations the "Wearable Cosmetics - COSMEPLUS" by Fujibo was born. Adding the function of cosmetics to fiber by the latest processing, textile, and spinning technologies.

This is the birth of a new material unit that can suggest a pathway to health and beauty not only for the skin, but for the entire skin, soul, and body.To live well and beautifully, to an age of choosing fabric materials like choosing a cosmetic. As a brand, "Wearable Cosmetics" is able to provide numerous material variations to suit your needs, and will aide you in the creation of new values in fashion.

Source: fujibo.co.jpAdded: 11 March 2008