Nesst car seat

Much like the real thing, Nestt's egg provides the perfect environmentto sustain your little one - combining protective exterior and cozyinterior with simplicity of form and function. Perched atop aminimalist, steel base, the hard shell features an embedded steelsafety cage for maximum side-impact protection. An air suspensionsystem, coupled with a removable, memory foam core envelope baby incushy comfort and Nestt comes array of cool colors, including customorders. But the Nestt doesn't stop with design and safety, practicalityis also paramount. Thus, with one, single-handed move, parents can tiltthe seat at any angle to best suit baby's developmental needs, or (myfavorite) swivel the seat to completely face the door! Yeh, no more (orat least, less) struggling to heft Toddler into the seat!!

Source: babygadget.netAdded: 21 March 2008