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Metal Refreshing Lollipop

The Zilopop is marketed as a breath freshener, in the form of a stainless steel lollipop.

It's made in Germany and marketed in the USA by Charlotte, NC-based Frieling USA, where it's dubbed, "SmellKiller".

When your saliva touches Zilopop's stainles steel lolly, itactivates its "weird science" to neutralize the foul-smelling moleculesin your mouth.

After one to two minutes of sucking, all odors in your mouth are removed.Zilopop consists of a very high-quality stainless steel which has a property, in conjunction with moisture, that neutralizes odors.

By sucking on this stainless steel lollipop, your breath will smell clean again.

Source: coolbusinessideas.comAdded: 27 March 2008