Kinetic Phone Powers Itself

You will no longer worry about recharging yourphone on a long trip, or be able to make up excuses about your phonebeing out of juice. The Atlas Kinetic Phone uses the daily movement ofa cellular phone to generate electricity. And it does so in an elegantand stylish design, with a central sapphire glass revealing thegenerating and charging unit.

The mechanism is similar to kinetic / automatic watches and uses aoscillating weight that powers a mainspring. The central power unittransforms movement into electricity and supplies power to all phoneelectronic components. If power runs low or out because the phone wassitting still for too long, simply give it a few shakes upside down toget the kinetic rotors going again.

In addition to conserving electrical energy, the concept phonedesigner Ricardo Baiao aims to provide a greener phone with a long lifecycle. Atlas Kinetic is all made of aluminium, case and buttons, givingit a higher resistance and durability than most current phones.

Source: trendhunter.comAdded: 2 April 2008