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Guests at the new Andaz Liverpool Streethotel in London will soon have the opportunity to enjoy not just ahomelike atmosphere complete with a "living room" instead of atraditional lobby. Next month, during the world-famous London BookFair, guests will also be able to partake of the services of thehotel's first-ever "reader-in-residence," who will be available to readaloud to them in their rooms.

The reader-in-residence program is a marketing tool for the newlyopened Andaz, spokesman Simon Warrington says, and one of a series ofsuch events that are designed to promote the hotel's focus onpersonality. Other like events in the future will include an on-siteperformance by the Real Hamlet Company, he said. "We needed to move onto the next level in art and culture," using the hotel itself as a"living stage, rather than something dead that needs to be filled,"Warrington explains. "If we can show as a brand that we're personable,it makes sense for us to do quirky projects like this. It's all aboutBarr's personality—the hotel becomes his space, and it's not somethingwe can control. This could go either way."

Source: springwise.comAdded: 11 April 2008

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