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Car drive-in fitting rooms

Most of us usually check out how we fit into new clothing beforeactually buying them. So why should cars be any different? Taking cuefrom dress-fitting rooms, Chevrolet has done a world’s first andunveiled it’s car fitting room in South London. This fitting room willactually show you, how exactly you look while sitting in the new carthat you wanted to buy for so long. And for this, you need to drive thecar onto a central revolve which will revolve around three giganticmirrors. These mirrors of course will let you examine your car’s bootywhen you are actually sitting in it and then come to a conclusionwhether the car fits you to a tee. If you want to catch this very newconcept, head off to South London’s forecourt where this contraption ison display.

Source: bornrich.orgAdded: 28 April 2008