Absolute Black

Our eyes are able to perceive only a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum between 700nm (red) and 400nm(violet) called visible light.
Sun light is white because composed by an overlapping of all the frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum; while black is defined a material able to absorb completely all the visible radiations, without reflecting anyone.

To obtain a good "black" effect, Grado Zero Espace studied and searched for a pigment with proper composition (100% carbon), particle size (microns), porosity (high surface area) and good ability to be integrated into the substrate. Afterwards this black pigment was dispersed into a polymeric matrix using suitable techniques to guarantee the greatest homogeneity and stability, obtaining an article able to absorb very well all the visible radiations with an excellent aesthetic effect. Besides, bulk dispersion allows a good workability of the final product simplifying the treatments post abrasion and permitting to customize brightness and opacity effects according with the chosen application.

Source: gzespace.comAdded: 5 May 2008