Waterstation blends form and function

Till now, sinks have not really got their share of attention and have largely been ignored and pushed to some corner of our kitchen. But it’s time we titivate them and make them a piece of conversation too with this unusually cool design. Coming from the house of Rieber, this time they have christened this basic kitchen requirement as the Rieber Waterstation. Isn’t that a smart term over the word sink? An instant eye candy, this is unique because the accessories are integral to the design, and in fact they were considered before the sink. It takes work-centre design to a new level, literally because containers work at different levels, and perform multiple functions. It allows you to do all (almost all) your kitchen work at one place. You can now chop, slice, peel, wash, rinse, clean, soak, strain, drain, all at the same time standing at your Waterstation. This definitely saves time, energy, effort, and resources! Isn’t its uber convenient?

Source: bornrich.orgAdded: 16 May 2008