Swash: Sustainable Dishwashing

If you are a self confessed cleanliness freak and can't stand anything dirty then this can be the perfect gift for you. A boon called "Swash: Sustainable Dishwashing". It is the first sustainable, self sufficient dishwashing solution that cleans and sterilizes using steam. That means you don't have to be paranoid about the use of harmful chemicals and their side-effects. High temperature steam is an apt and preferred replacement for detergents and provides a hygienic clean without any spin-offs. If you are worried about the storage and how much space it will bank on then let us reassure you that the small capacity and sterilizing feature makes it ideal for use in maternity wards and also for smaller domestic situations offering a cost effective and efficient cleaning solution. A Nanotechnology filter enables water to be continually purified and reused resulting in minimal loss, which promotes an eco-friendly solution to water shortage problems assisting in domestic water conservation while also extending the product usage to regional and drought stricken.

The alternate steam cycles creates an efficient and effective wash program complete in under 25 minutes. Now this is a trendy way of running an errand.

Source: yankodesign.comAdded: 7 June 2006