Pepsi Vanilla Cola Flavoured Lip Balm

Some people just can't get enough of their favourite foods and drinks, as demonstrated by the large influx in recent years of skincare products and cosmetics borrowing from the food and drink sector: at least as far as fragrance and packaging is concerned. Interestingly, Added Extras in the USA has launched Pepsi Vanilla Cola Flavoured Lip Balm, for consumers who want their lips to smell just like their favourite cola drink, with a dash of classic vanilla. To further strengthen this brand association, the lip balm is packaged in a plastic twist-up tube in a blister pack with a backing designed like a can of the trademark drink. This is not the first time we have seen a PepsiCo beverage recreated as a lip product - back in December 2005 Added Extras launched an Aquafina-branded lip oil (based on the popular US water range), and in May 2006 the company also introduced Pepsi Twist Lemon Flavoured Lip Balm, available in a bottle that resembles the Pepsi Twist beverage package.

Source: chaptastic.blogspot.comAdded: 30 June 2006