Michelin Durable Technologies XDA5 tyre

People can go for a long time without worrying about tyres, and now thanks to Michelin, they can go even longer. But these tyres don't just last longer, they actually regenerate themselves. Unveiled to the public at the Great American Truck Show hosted in Dallas, the XDA5 road tyre turned more than a few heads.

Michelin's patented design and manufacturing process allows for the tread to be molded in layers. As you drive, the first layer wears off, revealing a second molding of grooves and tread blocks. This essentially allows the tyre to renew its traction and be used an astonishing 30% longer, according to Michelin. This not only makes them more cost effective, but also make them safer to run under the high mileage applications they are intended for.

Source: inventorspot.comAdded: 6 May 2008