Respite tent doubles as a hammock

When you have limited space in your car or just want to camp aslightly as possible, combination products are key. Anything that cando more than one purpose is going to rank a bit higher on thewishlist. This tent called Respite not only functions as a tent but asa hammock as well. Which would be nice for those that want to relaxafter a long day of hiking. It would probably feel much better thanlaying back on the ground. It would also be great if you feel likelying out in the open all night on occasion. You could leave it as ahammock on whenever the mood strikes you and sleep under the starswithout being stuck on the ground.

When it is in hammock form to switch it to the tent is surprisinglyeasy, you just pull the four zippers down to the ground and it takes onthe form of a tent. I expected it to be quite a bit more frustratingthan that. All of the joints are hinged and covered with rubber so itis also easy to change back into a backpack and prevent any pinching inthe process. Respite was designed by Ryan Heiser and hopefully thisdesign hits production soon.

Source: coolest-gadgets.comAdded: 12 June 2008

Tags: leisure travel